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June 2024

Quick Glimpse of the Windows 11 24H2 that Microsoft will Release Later This Year

    The search is on for cheap Windows 11 product keys via this subreddit page: The search is in light of the forthcoming release of Windows 11 24H2 this coming September or October. Actually, a preview of the new version is already up in Microsoft’s Release Preview Channel to give users advance information about the features of the new version.

    Windows operating systemThe Reddit administrator of the thread cautions readers that as consumers they still need to apply diligence when taking on offers Whereas before, Windows OS users could simply activate or upgrade even with a cheap Windows product key, unlicensed users of Windows 11 are anxious about Microsoft’s other requirement. In 2021, the opening of a Microsoft account and the linking of the digital license became important elements to fully activate the Windows 11 operating system.

    upgrading Windows OS Although a device running on a Windows 10 version automatically received a Windows 11 upgrade, access to all features and services remained limited and at risk of being found illegal. Technically, the Microsoft account and the license key must be linked. Properly doing so will enable Microsoft to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of the Windows 11 running on a device before a user gains access to all features of Windows 11, including the subsequent version upgrades.

    Windows 24H2 Release Preview Shows Microsoft’s Removal of Sneaky Bypass Loopholes

    Instead of acquiring a cheap Windows product key, not a few unlicensed users received tips on how to work around the Microsoft account creation and license-linking requirement imposed by the software company.

    One of two bypass methods allowed users to activate their Windows 11 by linking to a local account and without connecting to the Internet . It was a legit bypass method that made use of the command password OOBE BypassNRO. However Microsoft found out that many unlicensed Windows users have been using it to bypass activation protocols instead. It turned out that the bypass command allowed users to activate their OS using a local account and a random password to error out the activation requirements.

    In the new Windows 24H2 unlicensed users attempting to bypass the activation protocol using blocked email addresses in logging in to a disabled Microsoft account will instead find themselves going back to the account Login page. Apparently, Microsoft was able to identify the bogus email addresses and Microsoft account being used by unlicensed Windows 11 users to skip the license linking requirement.

    Release Preview Shows Some of the AI Models Integrated in Windows 11 24H2 Apps

    According to the Release Preview, a new system component called Windows Copilot Runtime provides the infrastructure that enables the operating system to integrate and locally run more than 40 AI models in Windows 11. The AI models integrated in the Windows 11 24h2 that will be released later this year include: Cocreator for the Paint app, Live Captions, Restyle Image for Photo apps, Super Resolution, Windows Recall, Windows Studio Effects and Voice Clarity.