Is this true for you? It is for me. I dread listening to voicemails, seriously dread it. Send me a text message or email and I will read your message almost instantly, versus a voicemail where it's often days after your message before I remember to listen to it. The plain truth is, if you send me a text or email I will likely be reading your message within the hour. Leave me a voicemail, and I will likely be leaving it for later. 

Why I Check my Voicemail3

07-10_17401 For a long time, my voicemail message read– Hello, you have reached Julia Roy. Feel free to leave a message, but for a quicker response send a text. Nobody listened, still leaving me voice messages I would put off and often forget about. So I enabled Google voice on my mobile, which didn't really help much. Google transcribed messages were 90% of the time delivered to me as total gibberish that I could not make any sense of. GVoice did make me feel like I "got" the message, even if the transcription gave me hardly any understanding of what the voicemail actually said. During my usage of GVoice, I rarely went to go listen to the actual voicemail.

Do these feelings toward voicemail make any sense? When someone calls instead of sending an email, the message content could likely be importance and even urgent. I should make a better effort to check my voice messages, but instead I almost always put it off. Right or wrong, irresponsible or not, I continue to neglect incoming phone calls and messages like the plague. For a girl who–in high school and college loved spending hours on the phone chatting with girlfriends, boyfriends and family–now avoids the phone to no avail, makes me realize voice-to-voice communication is dead for me.

For those friends and family too far away to meetup in person–let's Skype! For those new business call pitches–let's GoToMeeting! Anyone else out there feel the same way? 

("Why I Check my Voicemail" Infographic found on digg.)

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  • Henning says:

    I do feel the same. And the result is, no one leaves me a voice message anymore. Except for my parents, but that is a special case. I cannot teach them differently.
    Luckily, my iPhone I let’s me see whose message it is before I listen to it. Granted, the ones of “blocked numbers” are the worst. You cannot not listen to them, but you really don’t want to.

  • Kien Tran says:

    I totally agree. I’ve found that Voicemails are often hard to understand, even when you listen to them. It’s inconvenient to sit down and try to figure out and transcribe the message (as GV often butchers it if you even use it).
    Text and email is a much easier way to send that type of information across. It’s glance-able with clear indications of information (such as call back numbers).

  • C.C. Chapman says:

    I could have written this exact same post and the graphic cracked me up because that is EXACTLY why I do it!!!!!

  • TC says:

    I twittered this @beautyapps – Why I Check my Voicemail @juliaroy post – so true a friend never empties her vmail, so you can never leave a vmail !
    good writeup

  • Lol – so true! I rarely use lol but this graph did make me laugh out loud so thought I’d throw caution to the wind and go for it. I could make a graph about when and how I use ‘lol’ couldn’t I?

  • SimsJames says:

    I feel the exact same way about VM. Thought I was alone on that front.

  • Erica Moss says:

    I find that brevity is completely lost in voicemail, which is probably why I, too, avoid it like the plague. My favorite thing is when people call and leave a voicemail, then email you to tell you they left a voicemail. You’re not alone, lady!

  • I have the identical setup, and equal ambition to ever actually listen to my Google Voice messages. Why is the transcription SO bad?

  • Ben Hebert says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I absolutely hate voicemails. Thanks for the follow too by the way @ben_hebert or

  • Tom OKeefe says:

    I’ve been using gVoice since the beginning and agree the transcribed messages are horrible.
    “For those friends and family too far away to meetup in person–let’s Skype! For those new business call pitches–let’s GoToMeeting! Anyone else out there feel the same way? ”
    Skype Yes! GoToMeeting yuck. WebEx is crap as well (even though they’ve been a client of mine) FuzeMeeting is killer! (somewhat bias they’re a client) It’s so much better then the GoTo. Even though they don’t have much of the market share Damn you WebEx it’s still well worth checking out. Esp if designers FM is in HD.

  • @LauTow says:

    Oh my goodness you are definitely not alone! Truth be told I’ve been locked out of my blackberry’s voicemail for over a month now, and it never phased me. Why? Because it’s an outdated service. I see the number I missed, I call it back. I always laugh when I’m returning messages and the person says, “did you get my message?” Well duh, that’s why I’m calling you, but why bother listening to it, so you can just repeat it all when I call you back?

  • Eddie Gear says:

    Julia, For some reason I phone keeps crashing while using GVoice. I use viber instead. I think its much better.

  • Tim says:

    Funnily enough, when I receive a voicemail in my Inbox, I have no such issues. On the phone, it’s painful to manage too. My provider won’t even let me delete a message until I’ve listened to 3 seconds of it.

  • Allison says:

    This is so me. I avoid voicemail. In fact, when recently on holidays my boss sent me an email to let me know that someone was trying to track me down and reached out to her because they had not heard back from me — because they left me a voicemail and didn’t email!?? Who just leaves voicemails? I realized that I did not update my voicemail w/ an out of office (again, who leaves just voicemails?) and actually I had not changed my greeting since changing positions internally a year ago. Oops. :)

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