I have been working with Barclaycard over the past few months on a new credit card that they launched earlier this year called the Barclaycard Ring. As part of our partnership, I’ve been using the credit card and taking part in the cardholder online community. I will also be writing a series of blog posts on the Barclaycard Ring Blog, which I hope you get a chance to read. In my first post, I share the struggle I went through in my 20’s trying to achieve financial stability.

Over the next few months, I will continue to share my experience as a cardholder on the Barclaycard Ring Blog. What I can say already is that the community aspect of the card has been amazing, and I feel it is the first truly social credit card. With the card comes a private cardholders-only community, transparency from the Barclaycard Ring team and support at every turn (which I have NEVER experienced with any of my other credit cards). What I’ve noticed the most about being a cardholder so far is that when I open my wallet and see it next to my other cards, I view it as a subtle reminder to be a better borrower, thoughtful spender and more conscious consumer.

You can check out my first blog post on their corporate blog, and I encourage you to read some of the other posts from the Barclaycard team. They do a great job informing consumers about financial news/trends and how it affects you (in easy to understand language). If you are ready to make the leap and want to sign up for the card, you can do so here. If you do sign up, I will be seeing you around in the private cardholder community. Until then, happy (and responsible) borrowing! 😉


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  • Tulisa says:

    Thank God I’m with Barclays, my card is kind of shabby at the moment and it’s got a few cracks in i so I was hoping to get a custom picture of me and my daughter on it. It will be like having a bank card and a photo of my daughter in my purse all in one.

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