The Demise of the Flip Camera

The Flip video camera is no more. Cisco has decided to stop production to focus on it's enterprise businesses. For me this was unexpected, but not a shock considering the highly competitive mobile video camera environment today.

Flip was my first handheld video camera and I currently own almost all versions of the device. However, its been years since I've taken it with me anywhere to capture video. This is for a few reasons. I now have a video camera on my phone (iPhone 4), which is always with me for capturing spontaneous moments, making it not necessary to carry another device. And, more importantly, over the years I've opted for much sleeker models, starting with the Sony Webbie and most recently the Sony Bloggie.

Photo The specs between the latest Flip and Sony Bloggie are comparable. This makes design and form a deciding factor for me. One of the features that make the Bloggie stand out is the 3.0" touch screen which auto-rotates (landscape vs portrait depending on how you are holding it). Not to mention it is just down right better looking. Do I love the way it feels in my hand? Do people comment on it when I'm using it? Do I record video just to use it? 

The design geek in me thinks these things are important.

In my experience, the Sony handheld video cameras are simply more innovative in their design. After thinking it through, it makes sense to me that Cisco is opting out. The space is getting much more competitive and they realize that future development will require much more innovation and design resources to keep up.

Disclosure: I was given the Sony Webbie as part of a blogger program at SXSW in 2009 and recently was also given the Sony Bloggie as part of their most recent blogger program.

Here is an embarassing video of me for the purpose of showing off the video quality of the latest Sony Bloggie Touch.

Catching shrimp at a hibachi restaurant in Palm Desert, CA at DEMO 2011.

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  • Jessica Murray says:

    Sweet skills w/ the rapid fire shrimp, I’m impressed!

  • Bill Cammack says:

    +1, Good Shrimp Skillz, Julia! 😀

  • Wardell says:

    I was surprised to hear about this, I recently a acquired a flip mino and the video quality is pretty good but the touch, duo, and 3D versions of the bloggie do look more impressive.

  • Dee says:

    I LOVE Flip cameras myself. I truly hope what you are saying isn’t true. Even now they are still at the of Amazon bestselling cameras list. Thhanks for the info though:)
    D. Perry
    Flip Ultra Video Camera Reviews

  • Steve Gould says:

    Hi Julia, I have the Bloggie and I like it, but I seem to be having some issues when I shoot in landscape sometimes on playback it plays portrait giving me a pretty sore neck. I would appreciate any help with this.

  • Fe says:

    Good Shrimp!!!

  • cns949 says:

    I’m not surprised this video camera is discontinued. I know Sony and JVC have similar models and are probably pulling more sales.

  • cdman234 says:

    They were great cameras though when they first came on the scene. I suppose trends change and everytrhing becomes outdated eventually.

  • Pablo Sierra says:

    Since Sony stopped production I imagine that the retail price will drop a bit. Flip cameras are really a nice gadget to buy.

  • Holly Hamann says:

    Love the shrimp-catching talent :) I’m also a fan of the Sony versions – have both the Webbie and Bloggie. Favorite part is the rotating camera, which is brilliant. Nice to discover your blog and look forward to chatting with you!
    Holly (Co-founder, BlogFrog)

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