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Feed readers are the only efficient way to consume content on the web. There are lots of readers out there to help you manage, organize and keep up to date on all the latest news, posts and updates from your favorite sites. The interface and features between different readers may vary slightly, but they mostly all feel the same to me. 

Because of this I've stuck with Google Reader, lacking the motivation required to export, import and re-organize all my feeds in a new place. Despite sticking with Google Reader, managing my feeds has always been a daunting chore. I hate the daily sifting through mounds of unread content. It wasn't until last year when I discovered Feedly, that my relationship with my RSS reader changed. 

Feedly uses your Gmail login info to access and sync with your existing Google Reader account. Your feed content is then beautifully displayed  in a magazine style interface that is customizable, easily organized and automatically synced with Google Reader. Instead of attempting to list all the features and explain why Feedly is awesome sauce, I've recorded a screencast demo of my Feedly account to show how it works. 


[A Message to Viewers: This was my first attempt at a screencast, so please excuse all the "ums" and "uhs" as I awkwardly tried to navigate and narriate while recording live. I'll get better, I hope.]

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