My A|X Shopping Experience

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Armani Exchange via Izea. All the opinions expressed here are mine.

IMG_1830 I was sent on a $500 Armani Exchange shopping spree this weekend to check out their new premium denim which starts at $98. Up until this weekend, I had never stepped foot into an Armani Exchange before, and I had no idea what to expect. But in the end, my entire experience with the store, staff and the clothing was very positive and I can definitely see myself stopping into the store again.

IMG_1841 First of all, I was greeted and assisted the entire way through by a helpful and knowledgeable staff without mentioning anything about having $500 to spend on behalf of Armani Exchange. Sales associates like Alyssa, Dianette and Rosanna are the kind of people that make ones shopping experience exciting and memorable. The selection of denim was also impressive, and it was not hard at all for me to find 3 pairs of jeans that I completely fell in love with. I selected a pair of the Indigo Destruction Skinny Leg, the Grey Straight Leg and my personal favorite that I wore to a pirate party this weekend the Harem Jean. They all fit perfectly and definitely make me feel much better about recently having to retire my very old favorite pair of jeans.

This is where it gets cool for you, because A|X has also given me $500 to give away to a reader!

There are TWO Ways You Can Play…

1st: Leave a comment on this post with the names or item numbers of the Armani Exchange Denim pieces you would buy with your card (up to $500). You can go to Armani Exchange to look for the item numbers.

2nd:  Using your Twitter account, Retweet this exact phrase "RT @juliaroy is giving away a $500 @ArmaniExchange Gift Card!! Comment or tweet to enter:"

Each tweet or comment counts as one registration. The contest allows
up to two registrations per person, so leave both a comment on this
post and and a ReTweet on Twitter of the phrase above for a double
chance to win!

The winner will be chosen at random, you can get the full details here.

Oh, and if you are feeling extra lucky you should enter the "Text AX contest" SMS campaign as well
to win a pair of A|X denim every day for the month of July by texting
the keyword "DENIM2" to ARMANI (276264). For more info click here.

Again, this was a sponsored post. For more information about the sponsor (Armani Exchange), see Izea.


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  • Wardell says:

    Hey Julia,
    Excellent post! If I had a $500 card I would get the following AX denim pieces Light Urban Destruction Boot Cut, Painted Boot Cut, Suspender Jean, Pieced Slouch Fit. 😀

  • Art says:

    Woo woo! Arty needs some new threads – hook me up! :)

  • tecmo says:

    I’d be the same way as you, as I’ve never stepped foot inside an A|X before. But the staff seems helpful, from your experience.
    I’m a simple guy, so the Light Urban Destruction Boot Cut looks good, as do the Grey Wash Straight Leg. Not sure if I could get into the ones with too much stuff on them.

  • Kerry says:

    Now you’ve got me lusting after the Wing Skinny Fit and the Pocket Boot Cut, neither of which I can afford without the gift card. I just lost some weight, so I could really use some new jeans. *fingers crossed*

  • Adam says:

    Hi Julia, I would buy the Jacquard Blazer (L6K305NF), the Tonal Strip Polo in both colors (L6M636PO), the Marled Trim V-Neck (L6W516VN), and the Canvas Weekender (L6BA667).

  • Love the new denim! I love these: J57 Straight, J11’s are amazing, J24’s are awesome too. Honestly I really like them all and would be thrilled to win!!!
    jannabissett at yahoo dot com

  • Dave says:

    How is it that you *always# get the sweet hookups!?

  • Corey O says:

    Who doesn’t like to win? FTW!
    Black Vertical Stitch Cardigan
    Indigo Rinse Slim Fit Jeans
    Black Logo Moto Jacket
    Black Tailored Linen Blazer

  • Kelcey says:

    Wow what a cool giveaway! I, like you, have never shopped at AX. I’ve seen it from far off, but I’ve never stepped inside. After looking on their site – I LOVE their jeans! So if I did win the gift card, I would buy:
    J11 – Indigo Destruction Skinny Leg
    J11 – A|X Wing Skinny Fit
    Feather T-Shirt
    Mixed Print Dress

  • dentonmd says:

    AX jeans are very comfortable. But here’s the thing. I’m finding it hard to pick between these.
    – Indigo Rinse Slim Fit
    – Studded Slim Fit
    – Grey Wash Straight Leg
    – Bleach Destruction Boot Cut
    So I’m thinking we should take the flip cam, head to Armani Exchange and do a fashion show to figure out which look best.
    That said, I still think Armani Exchange does accessories the best, so I’d pick up these to compliment a pair of jeans.
    Dope Aviators – $70
    Blue Rubber Stainless Steel Watch – $180
    Crosshatch Leather Strap – $38
    Metal Plate Cuff – $24

  • Malissa Litz says:

    Wing Printed Boot Cut – 5J24ZBV (love the wing logo on the back pocket) $115
    Harem Jean – L5J507K $98
    Potassium Straight Leg – 5J57ZPJ $98
    A|X Pocket Boot Cut – 5J24ZFX $125
    and a few bucks left for a top yay!

  • rfwilkins says:

    Nice Site easy to select items, Nordstrom could learn something here.
    If I had a $500 card I would get the following J65 – Hand Sanded Straight Leg, Stripe Trim Polo, Short Sleeve Polo Sweater, and J65 – Overdyed Zipper Straight Leg.

  • Lindsay says:

    Okay, I LOVE the J11 Skinny in dark and the Cropped Sequin Skinny Fit.
    I’ve never shopped A|X before either, so I’d love to check it out!

  • Jacob says:

    I would totally rawk the Destruction Painted Boot Cut (6J101CNT). The New Zenith Boot Cut (6J101BNT2) also seems like a good look and fit. Good Luck to me!

  • KG says:

    Thanks Julia! I need to update my entire wardrobe, so spreading my pics across pants, shirts, jeans and even sunglasses :)
    Logo Jacquard Sweater $69
    Seersucker Utility Pant $78
    Stamp Logo t-shirt (in orange) $25
    J65 Hand Sanded Straight Leg Jean $115
    Striped trim vest $68
    Sport Logo Crew shirt $58
    Sporty Shield Sunglasses $70

  • DorotheeRH says:

    Very nice promotion! I like that the A/X staff helped you pick out denim that was right for you. I’ve never shopped there and I always have trouble finding the right pair of jeans – right now I’m only wearing skirts until I find the right pair!
    Here are my picks:
    -J 57 straight dark wash denim
    -volume stripe dress
    -suede bomber jacket

  • Lendell says:

    Hey this is great. I think I would go with opposites like J001 – Suspender Jean and the J101R – New Zenith Boot Cut. And because we are in Miami and it is HOT!!!. Id have to get a couple tee shirts. OK, I definitely have to bring extra money with my Gift Card. I have to have the belt – A|X Enamel Logo Belt

  • alyssa says:

    I love A/X but can never afford it :) Cool promo you are doing!
    Here’s the denim I’d get:
    – J24 – A|X Pocket Boot Cut (5J24ZFX)LOVE THESE!
    – J11 – Indigo Rinse Skinny Fit (5J11ZKO)
    – J57 – Grey Straight Leg (5J57ZGY)

  • Curt says:

    Here to enter the $500 give away?

  • The Fan's Attic says:

    I would not have the first clue of what to get, but I am sure my wife would have a great time.
    Here’s what I think she would get:
    Potassium Straight Leg $98.00
    Zip Front Jacket $120.00
    Sequined Grecian Top $68.00
    Silk Rosette Blouse $98.00
    Tulle Pleated Skirt $88.00

  • John Budris says:

    I have never been in AX but I am sure my wife would be thrilled if you gave a gift card and for once would retire my ripped GAP jeans and tshirt :) If i got the $500 gift card I would get:
    J65 – Overdyed Straight Leg $135
    J65 – Hand Sanded Straight $115
    J65 – Grey Leather Trim $125
    J001 – Suspender Jean $145
    Comes out to $520 :) I went with the regular rise jeans rather than the low rise for general consideration for the rest of the population of NY

  • Annette says:

    I’d love to own about 5 or 10 pair of the J57 – Potassium Straight Leg . Thanks!

  • courtney s says:

    i like the j11 skinn in dark and the suspender jean j001

  • Hello,
    I’d probably get some nice shirts, since I’m running low. Ribbon Striped Shirt, Stripe Snap Shirt and the Textured Stripe Shirt. I’d also take a look at some of their jeans such as the J101 – Painted Boot Cut. Finally, I’d probably get a couple of t-shirts such as the City T-Shirt.

  • Matthew says:

    DO they make tall sizes??? I’m like six and a half feet tall!

  • FaithJ says:

    If I won I would def purchase the J70 – Rhinestone Skinny Flare Fit $125.00 and the J57 – Grey Straight Leg $98. The grey wash and the rhinestones are HOT! Thanks for the giveaway A/X!

  • Clay Hebert says:

    Miss Julia,
    If I were to be so auspicious, I would divide the money equally for a completely new jean wardrobe. I could finally throw away those Lee’s and Wranglers, or at least ship them to the ranch where they could run free.
    My new jean wardrobe would be:
    J65 – Hand Sanded Straight Leg – $115
    (for a lazy Sunday afternoon at the cafe)
    J65 – Grey Wash Straight Leg – $135
    (nicer jeans – to meet your mom)
    J101 – Painted Boot Cut – $125
    (to take you to the movies)
    J127 – Studded Slim Fit – $135.00
    (to wear to the ranch to make my old jeans jealous)
    You rock. Keep it up.

  • Kim Caise says:

    I would love several pairs of these: J57 – Potassium Straight Leg

  • Carolyn G says:

    I would get:
    J24 – Wing Printed Boot Cut
    Cropped Moto Jacket
    Flutter Sleeve Sweater
    Zip Front Jacket

  • Plaid Trench Coat (L6K409NF)
    Textured Henley (L6W317HE)
    Marled Trim Henley (L6W517HE)
    Ball Chain Cuff (L6BR510)
    Square Cut Brief (B6U017)

  • Ash McSorley says:

    I would go for a nice light jacket and some jeans and a shirt or two…
    Logo Moto Jacket
    Light Urban Destruction Boot Cut
    J101 – Bleach Destruction Boot Cut
    City T-Shirt
    Billboard T-Shirt

  • Cesar says:

    Hello Julia,
    Would you have written a negative post if you had *indeed* had a negative experience at the store? I still don’t know what to think about sponsored posts and how they influence the blogger’s opinion on the product.

  • Megan Baker says:

    This is awesome. You’ll have to share the success story with me after.
    Too good not to participate:
    Mixed Print Dress
    Pocket Boot Cut in Indigo
    Grey Straight Leg
    Sheer Chalk Stripe Top
    Vintage Stone Pendant

  • Star Padilla says:

    If I got the gift cert i would totally get the following:
    Mixed Print Dress (L5A460JC), $150
    Sequined Grecian Top (L5M828TR),$68
    Eagle Gaucho Pant(L5H969JX), $48
    Logo Plate Necklace (5NK260) $28
    A|X Wedge Flip Flop (J5SA514) $28
    Snake Print Scarf (L5SC448) $48
    Puff Sleeve Blazer (L5K632TZ) $99
    Wide Stripe Scarf (L5SC440) $29

  • Rachel Blum says:

    He – no chance to list multiple products for me. I’m deeply in love with the Leather Moto Jacket, which unfortunately will eat the entire gift card 😉

  • Erica says:

    I’m a J24 girl myself… but looks like I’d have to bring along my next paycheck too. Too much fabulousness to choose from!

  • Tony says:

    Not that I have a fat chance, but I’d get,..
    J65 – Hand Sanded Straight Leg
    Watercolor Logo T-Shirt
    And then,…. I’d give the rest to my wife! 😀

  • Tan ya Poirier says:

    I’d share it w/ my bf! Since we’re going on a trip but he has no civilian clothes with him!!
    For him:
    6J101ZKL2 J101 Light urban destruction wash boot cut
    G6C888AN in Storm Grey
    K6M411ZP in Black
    For me
    5J24ZFX J24 In indigo
    L5C269TR in Dewberry

  • I was an unemployed TV writer for the past five years. Sure, I picked up the occasional gig, but I mostly worked at home.
    And then eight weeks ago, I was offered a JOB. An honest to god JOB. Where sometimes I’m in the office, and sometimes I’m at home.
    Except that after five years, my casual clothes are more hobo casual than business casual. An AX gift card would certainly send me on my way to fab casualwear that won’t embarrass me when I walk outside the house. :)

  • Hannah says:

    Just the leather moto jacket. That thing is amazing.

  • dan says:

    if i won the $500, i’d get these 3 jeans:
    1. L6J65SRS
    2. L6J65EZG
    3. 6J101EP

  • Hannah says:

    Hi Julia!
    Great post … it really made me crave some A|X demin (which I’ve never owned). If I were to win the $500 gift card, I’d purchase these jeans:
    1. J11 – Indigo Rinse Skinny Fit / $98.00
    2. Cropped Sequin Skinny Fit / $115.00
    3. J11 – Indigo Destruction Skinny Leg / $125.00
    4. J57 – Grey Straight Leg / $98.00
    Maybe the Harem Pants instead of one of the above? I kind of adore them but can’t decide if they’d look good on me. Love that you got them and wore them to a Pirate Party!

  • Erin Walsh says:

    Wing Printed Boot Cut Jean 5J24ZBV $125.00
    A|X Button Front Shirt M5C296MB $68.00
    Chain V-Neck Sweater M5W940MT $98.00
    Sheer Open Stitch Sweater L5W815MT $69.00
    Drapy Lounge Pant M5H681JX $42.00
    Seamless Monogram Cami L5M601PO $38.00
    Eagle Lounge Romper L5H882JX $48.00

  • What a great contest! I don’t usually enter, but this is too cool to pass up. BTW I thought A/X jeans would cost $1k each. Glad to see they are affordable.
    If I win, you’ll see my tromping around in these fabulous threads:
    J11 – AjX Wing Skinny Fit
    J11 – Black Rinse Skinny Leg
    J57 – Potassium Straight Leg

  • Coach Outlet says:

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