LessConf, the conference from the future (yes, the future), is only 6 days away. I'm particularly excited about this event, as I have never been to Atlanta and the conference looks like it is going to be both a fun and enlightening experience.

If you watch the trailer promos for the conference, it should be clear
that it this event is organized to humor,
inspire and delight all those who
attend. Free neck massages, BBQ
2010_poster2lunches, bacon filled pancakes and sponsored parties is a nice additional touch to a conference that has secured a great speaker lineup of entrepreneurs, designers and

Speakers include: Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson founders of
37signals; Cameron Moll of AuthenticJobs.com; Chris Wanstrath founder of
GitHub; Saul Colt Thoora's
Head of Magic; Dan Martell cofounder of
Flowtown; Clay Hebert founder of
Tribes Win; Peldi Guilizzoni founder of
Balsamiq; Alex Hillman cofounder of

If you are looking for a last-minute conference to attend this weekend, LessConf is calling you.

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