Like other bloggers, I get pitched by websites/companies/brands all the time, however – most of the time – what they are pitching me is either not relevant to my interests, or just plain uninteresting. But then there are those times when someone outreaches you and they really stand out and grab your attention, because they've gone above and beyond to make what they do relevant to you. That happened to me today.

On Tuesday I got an unexpected package in the mail and when I opened it up there were two tshirts that made me say OMG! out loud. The shirts were perfect for me – but there wasn't a note, message, or anything indicating who they were sent from. For the next two days I wore the shirts, posted pictures on my Flickr (#1, #2) and of course Twittered demanding Tweets saying that whoever sent me the tshirts should fess up so I can thank them for my two new favorite shirts!

On day two of pleading on Twitter and Flickr that the person who sent me the shirts should reveal themselves, I saw this tweet from @donkeyts.

I never suspected it was the tshirt company, because I assume if a company sends me something they'd include some sort of pitch letter or something but DonkeyTs didn't, which turned out to be genius. When I got to chatting with Tiffani (@tiffa_fisha) at DonkeyTs, I found out something even more amazing… they had made the shirt specifically for me! In an email Tiffani told me:

I actually custom made the FTW shirt for you. We have a WTF design, so I cut the letters, rearranged them, and wallah! But don't worry, today we made a legit design that is on our website now!

OMFG! That my friends, is how you get a blogger, Twitterer, Flickerer, YouTuber's attention. Do something special for them and create a bit of mystery and/or excitement around it. Don't cut, copy and paste your marketing, but rather re-create, re-mixx and reinvent the way you market your brand to your intended audience. Impress them with how much you really know them and show them that you truely understand what their interests are. Get 'em excited to talk about you :)

Well played Tiffani at DonkeyTs, well played. 


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