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Chrome_webstore_icon I rarely talk about "breaking news" in the world of technology, but I can't help but share my excitement for the Chrome Web Store that launched today. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with web apps. I download and try them all, to the extent that I believe I might spend more time downloading and testing productivity apps than I actually do being productive. Oh the irony. 

I made the leap to Chrome from Firefox a few months back and even though the shift was hard at first–having to find new toolbar apps to replace/replicate my old ones in Firefox and get accustomed to new features–I quickly saw my browsing experience and productivity improve. Chrome is faster, cleaner and has a few key features that I now could not imagine browsing without. Chrome is one example of why I love taking the time to test new platforms, apps and services. Every now and again, you discover a new tool that improves your workflow and changes your habits for the better.  


I've spent the last hour in the Chrome store, and I already feel like a shopaholic. I find a new useful app and I just have to go back for another. I have a problem. 

Hello. My name is Julia and I'm an app-aholic. 

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  • Wardell says:

    I’ve been using Chrome a lot lately, but Firefox is still my primary browser, but if Firefox 4 doesn’t bring some improvements Chrome could become my #1 browser (love Firefox’s addons but tired of memory leaks and crashes), I checked out Google’s ebook store which I really like, they have a good selection of books to in open formats, so I think I will defiantly give the Chrome Webstore a try today.

  • Bill says:

    Are you using Chrome on a Mac of any kind. I have a MacBook Pro. I have noticed some strangeness at times but I can vouch for the speed.
    The strangeness to which I refer is occassional login problems to some sites. My crendentials are rejected once and then upon resubmission, I get logged in. I use LastPass to do my logging in for me so I don’t make mistakes. Never had this happen with Firefox (which I use).
    I am still a little iffy on Chrome for the Mac but you have pushed me a little farther toward their camp.
    Keep it up Julia. Love your posts.

  • btman says:


  • xyz949 says:

    Firefox has become laggy for me lately compared to the new internet explorer 9. I will also give chrome a try now that you have mentioned it.

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