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Boo! A Story About You

12 July

The internet provides you with unlimited opportunity to share your life, stand out and tell your unique story. A year ago, I wrote a post about Boo, the dog who landed a book deal. Today, I read that Boo is the new doggie ambassador for Virgin America. This had me thinking about how the internet, [...]

Be Inspired to Do the Work

08 December

I have been working hard lately on streamlining my workflow and increasing my productivity and creative output. Now that I am my own boss working from home, I have found it incredibly hard to stay on task and focused. I’ve realized my online habits are working against me and keeping me from getting the important [...]

Technological Singularity

04 November

In April I went to a pre-screening of Transcendent Man, not knowing what to expect or how it would changes my beliefs on what the future will bring. Transcendent Man is a documentary of Ray Kurzweil, a serial inventor and freakishly accurate futurist. What I experienced while watching the film cannot be put into words. I was speechless myself. When the film was over, [...]

The Great Unknown

17 October

Right now I’m sitting at the table in my living room and writing this post thinking OMG! Friday was my last day as VP of Marketing at Manilla, and today marks the first day of my new adventure. I’ve left the full-time employee with benefits world to start two initiatives: my own marketing consultancy helping [...]


15 May

Simmons College, Vanity Fair names Julia Roy ’05 “America’s Tweetheart” (2011) Forbes, 14 Power Women to Follow on Twitter (2010) Vanity Fair, America’s Tweethearts (2010) Top Rank, Women that Rock Social Media (2010) Huffington Post, 16 Tech Titans on Twitter (2010) Ignite, Women Bloggers You Should be Reading (2010) Forbes, Best Branded Women on Twitter (2010) Twitter Grader, Top Twitter Users Ranked [...]