It’s an amazing time to be alive…

The social web and new technologies are allowing us to connect, solve problems and achieve more than ever before. Are you connecting? Solving important problems? Achieving more than ever before? You should be!

My name is Julia and my mission is to help you better leverage science, technology and social tools to optimize your brainpower, improve your productivity, streamline your workflow and quantify your progress. 

I love productive technologies…

I love everything about digital productivity. We are more capable than ever to achieve whatever we can dream up.
But we find ourselves stuck in the mud of the constantly on, always updating world we have to interface with everyday.

If we want to be happy and successful, we have to figure out how to rise above.

Through my free productivity resource guides, training videos, digital courses and personal training services, I help freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs transform the way they work.

I’m basically a personal trainer for productivity.
And I’m loving every minute of it.

A little bit more about me…

Prior to co-founding WorkHacks, I helped Fortune 500 brands with new media marketing, creating and executing campaigns for companies like Pepsi, Ford, Coach, Hearst and Citrix.

I am also a public speaker, bringing my unique perspective on brain-based productivity to audiences around the world.

I’ve been a featured speaker at Harvard Business School, LessConf, Misfit Con and numerous corporate and higher education conferences and workshops.

Fun Fact…

I was featured in Vanity Fair magazine in an article titled “America’s Tweethearts.” I was so excited for the opportunity. I flew to Los Angeles for the photoshoot and spent an entire day in hair, makeup and dress-up. The photoshoot itself took over 3 hours! Toward the end I began to cry because I didn’t think I could stand in the 6-inch Louis Vuitton heels for another second.

I now possess a great respect for the work of models. Their ability to stand still in 6-inch Louis Vuitton heels for hours baffles and impresses me.

Vanity Fair Julia Roy Americas Tweethearts